Ruby Peru is a sloppy workaholic and independent operator with weird sleep habits and limited knowledge of pop culture. She has a furry dog and her clothes often reflect that fact. Ruby drives a beat up pickup truck, and some opine she's a little bit of a badass. She studied under Kurt Vonnegut in the eighties and David Foster Wallace in the nineties, which made her want to really run away and never be a writer and, instead, be a person who surfs, climbs, cruises around looking cool on a motorcycle, and never runs out of adventurous weekends, but she isn't and doesn't. Instead, she's ready when you are, dear reader, to write ever more adventures, characters, and meaningful things to ponder between the covers of a book. She lives to serve. 

The first novel in her own name (Bits of String too Small to Save) comes out this year, but over the past decade, Ruby has ghostwritten numerous books for others, specializing in memoir. Her ghostwritten memoirs range from true-life romances to immigrant success stories to political memoirs. She enjoys helping her clients make themselves understoood by telling the stories that made them the men and women they are today.